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12 January 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Intro post  

Name: Emily
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Current Weight: approximately 190  (my scale in my dorm room is unreliable, I'll be able to use the scale at the gym for a more precise number starting later this week)
Goal Weight: 170 by the end of the year, but ultimately I want to get back down to 150.

I was always a relatively skinny kid, most likely because of my height (I was taller than my mom by the beginning of 4th grade, and my mom is 5'5"), but I had this horrible addiction to sugar.  In the 7th grade, my mom cut off all of my sugar.  Potatoes and white bread were evn out because they metabolized into sugar.  I lost 30 lbs very quickly (I would say over the course of 6 months).  She let me go back on sugar in 8th grade after a year (I suppose she assumed I would be more responsible with my consumption, which I was).

This brings me to highschool.  I joined marching band, which was a nice way to stay physically active, especially when I switched to colorguard, which has a lot of dance elements. I kept the weight I lost from not eating sugar off until my senior year of highschool, where stress and more freedom got the best of me.  In that year I went from 150 to 165. Then I went off to college...  I feel like that's one of those enough said statements, but I'll go on with this.  I gained 15 lbs my first semester (so, I was tipping in at 180 or so).  Then second semester I started going to the gym, but lost only about 5 lbs of it because I didn't change the way I was eating.  I trimmed up and felt healthier though, which was nice, but then I went back home, where I can't go to a gym.  I didn't change the way I was eating and stopped exercising, which is why I gained about 10 lbs over the summer (at this point, I would say I was about 185).  And since then, I didn't pick back up the gym habit and have packed on 5 more lbs, putting me at 190.

So here I am, ready for a change.  I don't care so much about a number, but it'd be nice to feel healthy and feel like I look good in clothes again.  I'm going to pick back up the gym habit, and I'm going to modify the way I eat too.  Cut back out sugar, eat more veggies and protein.  I would love to fit back into my size 12s by my birthday (March 24th), which shouldn't be overly difficult considering that was the size I wore before summer hit.

Here are a few pics of me skinny:

This is from the beginning of my senior year, before I really put on the weight

This is one of my senior pics, so it's from mid way through senior year (you can kind of see where I've gotten a bit bigger)

Here are a few from now:

I'm extraordinarily drunk in this pic, trying to booty dance, but it's a profile

This is me in my colorguard uniform from about November 08

And one more, from Christmas this year, I'm on the right


Emilyfatesarchitect on January 13th, 2009 10:04 pm (UTC)
A fellow Emily! Awesome. Welcome to the comm.

First off, I think you're very pretty.

Secondly, the freshman fifteen (or at my university, the Mizzou 22) is killer. I put on about ten my freshman year, but it just got worse from there. Dorm food can be awful.

I'm really excited to see that the people who are joining are here to feel better in general, and aren't solely focused on a number. We can all do it together. <3
dumbblondedumbxblonde07 on January 14th, 2009 01:31 am (UTC)
Dorm food is terrible. I'm not sure how other colleges work it, but my school has our food buffet style... It's hard to stop eating when there are so many options and they're just there for the taking.